January 23, 2013


Did you see the interview with Liza? She talkes about these 'Zaporozhets', which her grandfather owned one.

December 1, 2012

Trust in the New World_Unrealized Utopia

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Lissitzky’s abstract works are not as abstract as they appear to be at first sight. You can easily recognize buildings and sometimes whole cities in the volumes which he drew and painted. Occasionally Lissitzky also used these shapes to represent people, as in the designs for a number of characters in the opera, Victory over the Sun. We have seen before that he did not allow himself to be restricted by what was technically possible. He assumed that these figures would one day be able to play in a completely mechanical opera. Lissitzky was also involved in theatre in another way. He designed a completely new theatre for his friend Vsevolod Meyerhold, one of the most important revolutionary theatre directors. Together with film, theatre was one of the most important means of propaganda for the revolutionary message. Drawings, photographs and reconstructions are exhibited both of this opera and of the theatre.
For large projects, it was common to make models. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov carried out large projects all over the world, in museums and theatres, as well as in public spaces. In order to provide a survey of everything they had done and were still planning to do, the Kabakovs made the Palace of Projects. This reveals an important similarity to the artistic creativity of Lissitzky. Neither of these artists is limited in his imagination to the possibilities of the present. What will be possible in the future is more important that what is possible now.

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