December 3, 2012

Clarity of Forms_Garbage

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Amongst other things, there is an impressive reconstruction of Lissitzky’s most famous and controversial architectural design, the Wolkenbügel, on one side of this room. This building radiates his faith in the future. It was meant to serve as a beacon along the Moscow ring road. Five of these buildings were to be placed around the city, each in a different colour, so that you knew where you had to drive into the city. It was not yet possible to construct the building which Lissitzky had designed in his own time, but the design was ready for the future which would make the execution possible.
Against this gigantic construction of the future, the Kabakovs present a box of rubbish. All the rubbish in this work is described in detail by Ilya Kabakov on small pieces of paper and these are suspended from lines so that the viewer can read the captions. Reality which could once be created has disintegrated into pieces. These fragments or pieces are arranged like archaeological objects with the help of words.

Van Abbemuseum


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